S. Kapana

I ran into my high school classmate at our class Reunion about 5 years ago. We were the only ones using walkers due to our mutual excruciating arthritis pain. Fast forward to last year’’’s reunion. That time I was the only one with a walker and he was not only walker-free, he was on the dance floor for practically every record. I asked him what his secret was and he told me about Dr. George Washington Carver’’’s Rubbing Oil.  Well, I had tried rubbing everything I could find to rub and taking every herb I could swallow, with no relief. So I reasoned that maybe his arthritis wasn’’’t as bad as mine. But I decided to give Dr. George Washington Carver’’’s Rubbing Oil a try.  I’’’m amazed! It works miraculously.  I recently donated my old walker to a neighbor’’’s yard sale.

Dr. George Washington Carver’s

Rubbing Oil

4 oz


2 oz