Dr. George Washington Carver’s Rubbing Oil

Carver’s Original Formula

Fast Relief From
Minor Aches & Pains
including Arthritis
and Rheumatism

4 oz


2 oz


Do not Use IF ALLERGIC TO Peanuts

We must not do to a human being a single thing that we would would not be willing to have them do to us.

- George Washington Carver

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I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully effective the George Washington Carver rubbing oil has been for me. Until about 4 years ago, I had no major health issues. After that time, I began experiencing pain in my leg that extended from my hip to my foot. The doctors diagnosed it as a problem with the sciatic nerve. In 2010, I had surgery to correct the problem but it did not help. Since then, I have visited pain clinics, have had epidurals and cortisone injections and have tried all kinds of home and pharmaceutical remedies and medication– to no avail. Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!

Two days ago, I was looking in my medicine cabin to see if there was anything there that perhaps I had not tried yet. There in the back was a blue and yellow bottle of Carver rubbing oil that I had from 50 years ago. I decided it was worth a try to rub some on my leg.

Let me tell you– my leg felt better the same day I rubbed it on. The next day was still one of my better days, although the pain is not completely gone YET. I will continue using the oil. My daughter found you on the internet, and I am thankful she did.

With prayer and the rubbing oil, I am feeling much better! Who would have thought that after 50 years this oil would still be potent! I will be sharing this oil with my friends!

J Franklin

New York, USA

I had a very bad toothache just before a performance I had scheduled and didn’t know how I could manage the pain.

I stopped by a friend’s place and during the conversation we were having I explained how bad my tooth was hurting. She massaged my jaw with the Dr. Carver Rubbing Oil, and before she finished the massage, the pain was gone! Really gone!!!

I had this look on my face that had everyone laughing because I couldn’t believe the pain just left!!

I have a bottle of the oil and will use it whenever I have any kind of pain. It works really fast.” Can’t believe I have gone so long without Dr. Carver’s Rubbing Oil.

L Spaulding

Chicago, USA

Dr. George Washington Carver’s

Rubbing Oil

4 oz


2 oz