Carpal Tunel Pain Relief

Condition: Occurs when the Median Nerve that goes through the narrow tunnel of the wrist becomes compressed through repetitive hand movement, causing swelling and inflammation.

Symptoms: A numbness or tingling sensation in your fingers and hands. Pains usually travel from wrist to forearm down to the palm of the hand or surfaces of the fingers. Pains normally occur at night, after a day of using the hands forcefully.

Treatment: Apply GWC Rubbing Oil to the hand and wrist liberally. Stroke GWC Rubbing Oil in an upward fashion 3 times a day. Soak hand in basin for 30 minutes in a hot basin of water with 5 capfuls of GWC Rubbing Oil. Apply GWC Rubbing Oil before and after soak. Wrap wrist in clear plastic or cloth; be careful not to apply too much pressure to the wrist


Dr. George Washington Carver’s

Rubbing Oil

4 oz


2 oz